One Step Closer: Antoine-Olivier Pilon

This is the story of a one day adventure in between the Photographer Manny and Montreal actor Antoine-Olivier Pilon. These two boys packed their gear, hopped into the car and went to a destination that Antoine holds close to heart.

The idea? Spend an exciting evening where two worlds merge and the perfect shot is created.

Before heading off, Manny and Antoine met at his new bought house in Montreal and  conversed over a glass of Hennessy on the rocks. The two discussed more about all topics, including the meaning behind the secret location they were about to explore together.

P.S. All pictures featured are taken by Manny, a lifestyle photographer who’s used to capturing the behind-the-scenes of many Quebecer artists.

Introducing Antoine

Energetic, lively and enthusiastic, this go-getter 20 years old actor that you might recognize from his rebel role in Xavier Dolan’s film Mommy is working his magic to climb the ladder of his full potential.

Olivier has wanting to act for as long as he can remember. When he was a child, like many of us, he changed careers every week. Private investigator, fire-fighter, he wanted to it all. Unlike most people who ended up picking one, Pilon got creative and found a medium to be them all:  Through Acting.

On his art

He gets to embody a person, a character for a limited period of time, intensely training himself mentally and physically, living this persona fully -off and on set- then, drops it and he’s on to the next role.

It’s a skilled art that takes mastering and a lot of focus. For Olivier, balance comes from ‘‘regrounding himself’’ in many forms.

He stays close to things that give him energy like running, sports, rock-climbing and (of course) his ‘‘Spot au bord de l’eau’’.

Where all becomes simple again

His spot by the water is a place that only those who are close to Antoine have the luxury of experiencing.

It’s for disconnection, where he shares moments with people that matter most to him, out of the spotlight. It’s where his biggest worry becomes finding wood to feed the fire to last the evening.

There is one rule…

‘‘Whatever happens by the water stays by the water.’’

Why he loves this spot so dearly

When Antoine used to live at his mother’s house, this was his go-to escape. A 10 minute bike ride from his childhood house, him and his friends would rap and chill by the water -accompanied by a fire- multiple times a week here.

Now, with his heightening success in the film industry, and with all that keeps him busy, this place serves as a retreat, where he  becomes a ‘‘normal guy’’ and distances himself from his public devoirs.

Living in the spotlight

Being in the public’s eye isn’t always an easy task. Olivier admitting to having to be very conscious and careful with every move he makes. He’s not the only one watching anymore.

Active learner and observer, he’s inspired by movies, books and the people he surrounds himself with. A man who truly believes in sharing his success with the ones who stick by his side through thick and thin and who tell him the truth about himself.  

Olivier believes that:

“the quality of the people who surround you, will determine the height to which you can elevate yourself. You need people that help you face yourself if you want to grow.”

That’s why he makes a point to gather around his friends, catch up and enjoy all that his by spot by the water can offer.  That’s one of his personal tools to always stepping up his game, not only as an actor, but as a young creative getting involved in numerous projects, off and on the screen.

The ultimate picture to the ultimate night

Inspiring, positive and fun to be around. Olivier is definitely one that’s hard to follow, always a step ahead. Not only making fires, but burning his internal light in every project that he touches.

Oliver in Instagram : @antoineolivierpilon