The Prestige Collection

Hennessy offers a variety of products, for every distinctive man, of any profile. We’re always following our inner fire to push our brand beyond its visible limits. And that’s exactly where our line of Prestige products take us.

Hennessy Paradis, Paradis Imperial and Richard Hennessy. Presenting the finest of the finest. A blend reaching an incomparable level of purity.

The Prestige selection: Harmony in a bottle.

From a legacy of eaux-de-vie, a perfect blend off and on the shelf.

Made of precision. A restless quest for finesse.

A blend of Grand, for a Grand man.

What off the clock moments are all about.

Richard Hennessy: To the height of Cognac perfection.

Let Hennessy Paradis, the elegant way of kicking off your ‘me time’.

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